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TACD Executive Director

Job Description

The Tennessee Association of Conservation Districts (TACD) seeks a contractor to serve in the capacity of Executive Director for the Association.  TACD is a state-chartered non-profit in the state of Tennessee and represents our 95 Soil Conservation District members.  The mission of TACD is: Helping Conservation Districts Conserve and Enhance the Natural Resources of Tennessee through Education, Leadership and Advocacy.

This is a part time position with duties requiring 50 to 75 percent of a fulltime position.  The Executive Director works with the TACD Board of Officers and Directors, the 475 Soil Conservation District Supervisors, the District employees across the state, as well as working with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the State Soil Conservation Committee (SSCC), the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) other state and federal partners and private organizations of interest in supporting and promoting the statutory role of Tennessee’s Soil Conservation Districts and to protect and enhance the natural resources of Tennessee.

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall leadership of daily operations and management of the organization.  Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

TACD President and Executive Committee

  • Work with President on quarterly Board meetings and other meeting necessary
  • Coordinate Executive Committee conference calls and other meetings
  • Communicate with the President and Executive Committee regarding TACD activities
  • Maintain TACD Officer and Director lists and communicate with those appropriate on vacancies and elections to maintain full representation
  • Work with the President to update Standing Committee membership and serve as staff support to those committees as needed

TACD Annual Meeting and other Major Meetings

  • Work with the TACD Vice President and the Convention Planning Committee to plan and execute the annual convention. The Executive acts as the meeting manager and enlist the assistance of Board members, Districts and District staff in planning and implementation
  • Work with the Divisional Vice Presidents and Area Directors on the Summer Division meetings and the Area Fall meetings each year and make sure they, or an officer, represent TACD at those meetings
  • Work with National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD), the Southeast Region of NACD, NRCS, TDA and others on meetings where TACD participation is appropriate


  • Work with TACD President and appropriate committee(s) to identify and develop individuals, business or other entities to provide sustainable annual contributions to complete identified work and sustain Association activities
  • Work with the TACD Vice President and the Convention Planning Committee to identify sponsors for the annual convention or other meetings to defray costs, increase program interest and ensure the TACD Annual Convention is profitable
  • Develop information for prospective funders and sponsors and a program where those providing support have exposure on the TACD website and other media


  • Serve as the official contact person and spokesperson for the TACD
  • Represent TACD at meetings and events held by partnering agencies and other organizations where appropriate
  • Promote public awareness of TACD and the Soil Conservation Districts
  • Keep the President, Executive Committee and others aware of activities the Executive Director in involved in on behalf of the Association
  • Provide appropriate and beneficial information to member Districts, TACD Board of Officers and Directors and other partners
  • Work with the TACD Contractors on Web Support and Public Affairs to increase internal and external communication which promotes the Association and activities


  • Work with the TACD President and the Legislative or other committees on policy relating to legislative activity
  • Work with the membership and Executive Committee to develop policy and build consensus through the TACD policy process, in concurrence with current policies and bylaws, and present for adoption at the Annual Membership Business Session at the Annual Convention

Government Relations

  • Work with the Board and appropriate TACD Committees to develop and implement an annual legislative strategy
  • Represent TACD to state and federal legislative officials to inform and strengthen TACD needs and positions
  • Work with the membership to cultivate statewide positions on issues and concerns

Grant Management

  • Manage all aspects of TACD grants with state, federal and private grantors including application, execution and reimbursement and other day-to-day activities with contractors or others appropriate
  • Responsible for maintaining all grant records and work with the TACD Treasurer to ensure grant payments and reimbursements are timely and in line with TACD resources
  • Responsible for all reports required by grantor and timely completed
  • Investigate new grant, contract and revenue generating opportunities for the TACD


  • Work with TACD Treasurer to ensure the soundness of the Association
  • Complete all reports required by the state or others and signed as appropriate


  • Work with the executive board and membership to review, develop and implement the association’s mission and goals
  • Other assignments as required and requested by the President and/or Board of Officers and Directors

Experience in agriculture and familiarity with Soil Conservation Districts is beneficial but not required.  Additionally, experience with nonprofit organizations is beneficial and the ability to develop partnerships with likeminded organizations will benefit one’s success in the position.  This position will be initially reviewed quarterly but will not be supervised on a daily basis.  Therefore, the Association will be looking for a person that is a self-starter, outgoing, able to quickly grasp different ideas, able to complete tasks on a timely basis, work with volunteers from the member Districts to complete meetings and other activities and the ability to work in partnership with governmental agencies, and others, to assist the issues Tennessee Soil Conservation Districts face.

The TACD Executive Director position is offered as a part time non-employee compensated position.  The fees are negotiable within the ability of TACD to fund the position and the location is also negotiable with the reality a significant amount of time will be spent in Middle Tennessee for meetings and other activities.  The TACD Executive Director reports to the President of TACD and the TACD Executive Committee, or subset, for guidance and review.

This contractor position will also need to allow for self-provided office space and normal office equipment to include computer, printers, phones and other needs.  The Association has limited equipment but does allow for covering paper, ink, binders and other office incidentals that support the Board of Officers and Directors and member Districts for information.  A reasonable travel budget is provided, and mileage is paid at the state rate.

TACD will begin to review applicants after January 31, 2020.

Please send your resume, contact information and any other information you wish to be reviewed, along with at least three (3) references to:

Tennessee Association of Conservation Districts
ATTN: Sara Steelman
Coffee County Soil Conservation District
1008 East End Road
Manchester, Tennessee 37355

2020 TACD Convention

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Upcoming Events

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The groups below helped to make the 2015 TACD Convention possible. We want to express our sincere appreciation to these sponsors for assisting us in recognizing contributions in the soil and water conservation efforts in Tennessee.

Tennessee Department of Agriculture

Farm Credit Mid-America Mid-America


Tennessee Pork Producers Association

Tennessee Farmers Cooperative

Tennessee Valley Authority

Natural Resources Conservation Service