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After five years plus, TACD says goodbye to Mike Hubbs, TACD Soil Health Specialist/Coordinator. Mike has written all of the Soil Health Hero articles as well as all newsroom articles to date. TACD wishes Mike well on his new adventures as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Mike will take his Soil Health Knowledge and Science and change to human health and science. There are many similarities, says Hubbs. Mike was recently recognized at Coffee County Field Day by friend and fellow Soil Health Promoter, Adam Daugherty.

IMG 5297newWell as Mike, retires, or transitions to new occupation, TACD welcomes Jeremiah Durbin. Jeremiah Durbin has worked with Mike a few times to prepare for his transition as TACD Soil Health Specialist. 

Effective around September 1, 2019, Jeremiah Durbin is Tennessee Association Conservation District’s (TACD) Soil Health Specialist/Coordinator. Jeremiah is a college Graduate with an Associate Degree in Applied Chemical Science, with an Emphasis in Diesel Mechanics. Growing up, he has been involved in multiple aspects of farming. He was active in his local 4H and FFA. He is a member of the (BC) Brookside Consultants. Has also has been an independent soil consultant for 3 years. He has been trained in Haney and PLFA testing by TACD. Jeremiah brings an unique skill set of soil health, experience in soil consulting, agronomic direction, logistics and non-biased recommendations. Jeremiah is a native of Southern Ohio. He has worked in many counties in North Carolina, Tennessee, IMG 5384newand Ohio.

His cell is 865-696-1517. His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.