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Soil Talk. On this page articles on soil health are posted in an easily accessible pdf format. The documents cover current issues on managing our lands for Soil Health including Pasture, Hay and Cropland.  Our goal is to allow landowners to understand and adopt a science based approach to maintaining healthy soil beyond erosion control on the surface.


Timely Tips

Timely Tips is a newsletter written and published by Soil Health specialists including: Greg Brann, Jeremiah.Durbin, Mike Hubbs, and Pat Turman. Click on the tabs below to view each document.

June 2021 - Adaptive Grazing Management Strategies

January 2018 - Forage

June 2017 - Crop

February 2017 - Grazing/Hay

December 2016 - Grazing/Hay

November 2016 - Grazing/Hay

October 2016 - Crops

September 2016 - Grazing

August 2016 - Crops

August 2016 - Grazing/Hay

July 2016 - Crops

June 2016 - Crops

General Reference

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Soil Moisture and Temperature

Managing Grasslands

Check For Earthworms

Cover Crops Build Soil


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Carbon Nitrogen Ration
(PDF; 2.06MB)
Soil Quality Indicators - Particulate Organic Matter
(PDF; 1.79MB)
Soil Quality Indicators - Total Organic Carbon
(PDF; 1.79MB)
Indicator Plants
(PDF; 645KB)
SoilHealthCard3 page 001 650x395
(PDF; 291KB)

UT Publications

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Seeding Guide

NWSG Mid-South Forage

NWSG Establishment

NWSG Grazing


NWSG Economic Implicatons of NWSG

NWSG Livestock Forage

NWSG Intercropping Legumes

Form for Soil Testing

Form for Forage Testing