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TACD is partnering with NRCS to provide information on soil health. 

Meet the Experts

Greg Brann, USDA/NRCS
Grazing and Soil Health Specialist
Mike Hubbs, TACD
Soil Health Specialist
 Greg BrannGreg is a Certified Crop Advisor with a Degree in Plant Science from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville who writes extensively on soil health. His publications include: Water Points, Fencing for Serious Grazers and co-author of "Meat Goats: Reproduction, Nutrition and Health". Greg has also written numerous fact sheets on targeted grazing, prescribed grazing, cover crops, nutrient management, pest management and various species of cover crops. He frequently speaks on grazing and soil management with emphasis on plant and animal diversity. He farms 320 acres of pasture with beef cows, stockers, goats, hair sheep and Christmas trees.

Mike HubbsMike was an NRCS Agronomist with Soil Quality Institute 1996 - 2004. He also received Masters from Auburn University in Agronomy and Soils with emphasis on Soil Health. Mike was on the original Soil Health Team that developed the soil health initiative within the agency. He was also the Director of Ecological Sciences Division and Financial Assistance Division, so he has a thorough understanding of technical and financial assistance. Mike retired from NRCS in 2013 after nearly 36 years.